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Friday, January 1, 2010


The doctors sent me home from the hospital and expected me to learn how to live the rest of my life in a wheelchair. It was a hopeless situation. After I continued to press my doctor for other treatment options available, she mentioned Pushing Boundaries. I immediately contacted Pushing Boundaries and scheduled a tour. As Jared and I toured the facility we were filled with hope. I started going to Pushing Boundaries in June of 2009, about three months after my injury, and finished my training there in April of 2010.

Before my injury I was an active person, running several days out of the week. It's hard to go from being active to a new life of sitting all the time. I now have an intense at home training schedule that includes an hour each day of mat work (out of the wheelchair), including stretching, hips, core, arms, and abs. I also stand in my RGOs or use electrical stimulation on my legs every day. My muscles are in great shape (better than before I was pregnant) and as soon as the nerve connections in my body are rebuilt I'll be up and walking again!

My Recovery Team

Jesus Christ

Countless family and friends

University of Washington Rehab Medicine Dept

Dr. Maria Reyes, UW

Cathy Warms, UW

Whitney Thomas, UW PT

Pushing Boundaries

Dr. Peter Balousek, Washington Neuroscience Institute

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