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Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Week

Jared took Anthony for a walk around the yard and showed him where they would build a fort in the trees in the backyard.

Anthony decided to take down the gate that was keeping him from Midas, Kim & Lynda's dog. Anthony likes to torture poor Midas.
Here he's decided to help himself to his snacks in the pantry - he keeps me so busy now that he is into everything!

Anthony is using Midas to pull himself to stand. Midas just stands there and tolerates it like the good dog that he is.
I tried a fabulous new recipes this week, coconut chicken chili courtesy of BHG magazine - it was delicious and is one of our new favorites! Very easy and definitely worth a try. I've been trying to do more cooking lately which has been fun. I love cooking and am really looking forward to getting back into it again.
It's been a fabulous and busy week at our house. Primroses are starting to bloom and we are seeing the first signs of a spring that is to come!


e said...

I love the action shots. They make me smile!

Colby said...

Midas is such a good dog! Has he figured out how to walk on your floors?

Anardi Family said...

Ryan is going to be so excited that Anthony is wearing his camo- We all wish we had a dog like Midas! I miss primroses! We do not have them here! We go from winter to HOTNESS in about another month! So glad this baby is due in may and not august!