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Monday, July 26, 2010

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Point Defiance Zoo

We had a fun time today at the zoo with Lucas, Aunt Colby, and Grandma Lynda!

Petting the goat

Loving the kid's zone!

Baby tiger cubs

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anardi Family Photos

We had some beautiful family portraits taken while the Anardis from VA were in town....here are a few of my favorites.

100 Kisses

Like Father, Like Son

Of course Jared and Kim brought basically the same shirt to wear for family pictures. Not a surprise. And of course Jared didn't listen to me when I asked him to bring an alternate shirt "just in case."

The park

All of the cousins in one photo...not all paying attention, but at least they're in the same frame!
goofballs...who sits like this?

Uncle Ryan kept asking Anthony to take this shirt off.

Friday, July 23, 2010

We made the list....

Seattle is the #1 most livable city for wheelchair users....nice work Seattle!

Full article here....

What's on my mind?

Walking. Every minute of every day my mind is consumed with one thing. Walking. I can't wait to get up out of this chair one of these days!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Anthony LOVES to be outside. This is what happens when he knows all the other kids are outside, and we're inside making him put his life jacket on so he can go on the boat. Being patient is so hard when you are little!

Snack Time

This is the kind of picture you get when you ask kids to smile during snack time...
And this is a kid with a whole mouth stuffed full of snacks....

Big Helper

Caleb helping Grandpa Kim mow the lawn.
And Anthony clapping for them. Everyone needs an audience while mowing the lawn!

Budding Artist

Painting shells with Aunt Jody

We have had a crazy busy past week playing with Ryan, Jody, Kaitlyn, Caleb and Brooke who were in town from Virginia, and we loved every minute of it. We are really looking forward to them moving home in less than a year!

Chrisie's Wedding Reception

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

beautiful Brooke

Anthony's newest little cousin.

SCI visit

I met with my doctor at the UW yesterday for my yearly SCI (spinal cord injury) visit. Nothing really new to report. We discussed options for controlling my spasms and I'm currently considering taking something. I'll make a decision in the next couple of weeks. She is convinced that my spasms are actually masking some of my return of function, and thinks I should try the meds as a "science experiment" for a couple of months to see what happens.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Urgent Need

You may remember back a few months ago I posted about my friend Branden who was in a car accident and is now paralyzed. He has had some major health complications and will have to be over here at Harborview for many months. His family is trying to find a place to stay over in this area (mom and four kids), and they have very limited income due to rising medical bills and loss of Branden's income. If you know of anyone willing to rent (or give!) them a house to live in for a few months please let me know. They can pay no more than $725/month (which I know is nothing in the Seattle market) and are looking for a generous person who can help them by giving them a deal on a house. Please contact me if you can help!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Weekend

That's our boy!

The boys were super excited about posing for pics together, obviously.
And Jared and Mike wanted in on the action since their clothes were kind of matching too.

Joe, Maddie and Ben playing with crabs.

We had a great time visiting with lots of family and friends at the canal this weekend. The weather was decent and we were able to spend quite a bit of time outside. Kari and Ella came and played with us on Friday, the Ames family came for the day on Saturday, Uncle Josh stopped by on Saturday for a little while, and on Sunday Aunt Sandi, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Donna all came down for the day. It was a busy weekend at the canal and we enjoyed watching the fireworks displays and sitting by the fire.

Sprinkler Fun

Still very unsure about cold popsicles.
And not sure about this sprinkler thing either....he did love the kiddie pool though.