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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First day of School

Jared was a little click-happy with the camera on Anthony's first day of preschool so we have a lot of pics!  Mrs. Decker is one of his three teachers.  As we expected Anthony really enjoyed his first day.  So much so that he didn't even want to leave and almost cried on the way out!  When we walked in he was introducing himself to all of the kids he saw.  He only attends two days per week for 2.5 hours. 

Anthony had to answer a few questions for his teacher.  When asked what his dad does for work he answered "Microsoft. He gets money." He told his teacher my job was to play with him.  That boy is so funny. So far his teachers seems great - I think he's really going to enjoy this year.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Over Labor Day weekend we held the first annual Canalympics and had an absolute blast.  We did games like water balloon toss, 3 legged race (mainly because we wanted to tie Anthony and Luke together), water tag, chubby bunny, bocce ball and rock throwing.  It was kind of last minute this year, but you can bet that next year it will be a pretty big deal. 

Mike took home the trophy, with Colby and Jared tying for second place.  The little boys did surprisingly well with the 3 legged race and didn't fall once!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moving Day!

Anthony with all the neighbor kids - Hannah, Eli, Hannah and Kayleigh.  Brayden and Ella were missing.  He just loves these kids.  I hope we can find another kid friendly neighborhood to move to!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Smiley Liv

Livia loves tummy time!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Brotherly love

Anthony adores his sister and loves playing with her.  Anytime she fusses he goes over and talks to her and gives her toys.  So far we've seen no signs of anger or jealousy about having a sibling and he's great about sharing his toys.  She really laughs hard at him.  The car rides are often filled with the sound of both of them giggling in the back seat - they are so cute together.

4th of July Week

We had a fabulous week at the canal celebrating the 4th!  The kids and I stayed for most of the week while Jared went home and worked a couple of days.  The weather was fantastic and we had lots of our family there to spend time with.  Great memories were made.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First food - bananas

A few pics from June

Summer is Over

Wow - the summer just flew by and I didn't make any appearances on the blog....it was a busy couple of months with a lot of changes for us!  I'll try to post pics of what we were up to. 

For the records....

At four months Livia was 14.1 lbs (50-75%), 24 inches long (25-50%) and her head was 40.9 cm (50%).  She started rolling over at about 4.5 months.  The first food we fed Livia was bananas and she really wasn't too interested in food until about 6 months old.  She has no night or nap routine which drives us bonkers.

At six months Livia was 16 lbs 10 oz, 25 3/8 inches long and her head was 42.8 cm.  She got her first tooth (lower left) at 6.5 months. She is much more active and interested in food now.  Liv likes to play on the floor and is totally obsessed with her brother.  She is super high maintenance (compared to Anthony) and likes to be held all the time.  She sleeps on her stomach and gets up about 3 times per night right now.  She'll be seven months soon.  The time has just flown by.  Livia is a really smiley girl and is super ticklish.  She is a fun addition to our family.  And I am exhausted trying to take care of two kids!  Two feels like 4x as much work.

We were so fortunate this year.  We put our house on the market and had a full price deal within 12 hours.  It was just crazy.  And we were a little frantic this summer trying to get packed up and out of the house, and trying to find somewhere else to live.  We are in a cozy little 2 bedroom apartment right now (best I could find for a month to month lease!) in Renton.  It's a little closer to J's work but not much. 

The housing market in Bellevue right now is crazy and inventory doesn't last long.  And unfortunately ramblers over 2000 square feet (what we're looking for) are pretty hard to find.  We haven't found anything we've loved yet.  It seems like every 1.5 weeks or so a rambler will get listed and we're usually there within hours of the start of the listing checking it out! 

I am not enjoying keeping the kids entertained in our apartment!  It seems to be getting better, but for awhile there when Liv would cry in the middle of the night she'd wake Anthony up, and then I'd be trying to get both of them back to sleep.  I definitely miss having a yard where Anthony can just go outside at and play.  We are on the 5th floor and there isn't any grassy area here, but there is a big rooftop deck where he can ride his scooter which has been nice.

So that's our summer in a nutshell.  We've squeezed in a couple of trips to the canal, Jared had sinus surgery, and now fall is upon us!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We were all able to make it out to the canal for the weekend and had such a fun time.  The cousins all got along so well and lots of great memories were made.  We held an Iron Chef Sliders competition which all the guys participated in and the general consensus was that Kim's meatball slider won.  There was a hilarious game of t-ball where Kaitlyn and Caleb had to put up with their silly younger cousins who had no idea which bases to run to or when to hit the ball.  We kayaked and played in the water and dug holes on the beach and painted birdhouses and ate popsicle after popsicle.  I cherish weekends like this one.