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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Kaitlyn & Caleb

The kids have been over to visit a lot while they are in town - Jody has been helping out running me around and with Anthony. They are enjoying using Anthony's toys - here Kaitlyn is spinning Caleb in the exersaucer!


Nonna came to visit this weekend and Anthony had a great time with her!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Anthony and Lucas wearing their "My Aunt Loves Me" shirts for their Aunt Jody - what gorgeous little boys!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We've Got Movement!

It seems like things are really starting to work more quickly in my body. In my mind I'm already walking again, so I often forget to share the small milestones along the way. My sensation has been improving on a regular basis and I can now feel deep touch on most areas of my legs. My adductors (inner thighs) are now strong enough to pull my legs in about 5-6 inches. Continue to pray that this process would go as fast as possible! I am so ready to be out of this wheelchair.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life's Hard

We were so surprised to find that after only a few minutes on his toy, Anthony fell asleep. Just couldn't make it to bedtime that night....

Uncle Josh

Uncle Josh came to visit Anthony yesterday, and was kind enough to clean the whole house while he was here! I am so thankful for that. Anthony had a great time with his uncle while I was at PT yesterday!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lucas & Anthony

Check out these two big babies! This is Anthony and his cousin lounging on the deck at the canal. This will be the last year for 20+ years that we'll be able to just relax on the deck. Next year will involve a lot of chasing after these two, who I'm sure will be jumping off the dock in no time. So excited for the summer memories to be made with all of the cousins home and running around here. Hopefully more girls are welcomed to the family, as right now Kaitlyn is on her own with the three boys.....

Anthony is on the left, Lucas is on the right. Lucas is really catching up to Anthony in size - might even surpass him soon!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Article in Seattle Times

Well apparently there is still a print edition of the paper - my Aunt Kendra read this article this morning. Who knew?! This is my trainer, Ben, and one of the guys that works out at PB. Monday I start on the Lokomat, which is the machine in the picture. I'm really excited to be progressing so quickly!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweet Potatoes

Anthony finally had real food last night! He didn't seem to like/dislike the sweet potatoes. Just ate them as if that was what he knew he was supposed to do. Hopefully one of these days we'll find a food he really loves so we get to see him excited about it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Update

Had PT at the UW today, and was talking with my physical therapist. Whitney was excited to hear that my adductors are firing because that is typically the next step in the recovery process. Toes first, adductors next. She had not told me this before because they don't want to get my hopes up. Next step in the process would be my quads - it would be so fabulous to have control of such a large muscle, I'd certainly be able to be more active when I have the quads back!

The adductors are controlled by L1/L2 in the spine. Right now the muscle is firing but it's not strong enough to cause any movement. This is typical. Whitney said there are five levels of strength, 0 being no firing at all, 1 being firing/twitching of the muscle, and continuing up from there. So my adductors are at a 1 right now. Much better than a zero!

Many of you have heard me mention that since I was prayed for by Pastor Ryan on July 11th my muscle spasms have been out of control. To therapists and doctors this typically means some sort of infection in the body - it's my body's way of telling me something is wrong since I can't feel the problem. However, I have no other signs of infection (fever, etc.) and the increased spasms have continued for weeks now. Whitney tells me today (why don't these people give out this info sooner??) that as a person regains function they'll typically have increased spasms. This is because the muscles are getting stronger and the nerve connection to the muscles is getting stronger, and the legs are trying to do what I'm telling them to, just aren't quite there yet. She even said today "ever since you got prayed for your legs have been spasming alot." Glad she recognizes it too!

I have finally convinced Whitney that I'll be walking again, and she talks that way now. Sentences start with "when you are walking again...." It takes a lot of work to convince doctors and therapists to say anything other than "we don't know if you'll walk again...." and now she is willing to do more weight bearing activity with me instead of teaching me how to get in/out of a wheelchair. I expect my progress to really speed up in the next few weeks - I'll be walking in no time!