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Thursday, October 21, 2010


My sweet little 8 year old neighbor girl came over yesterday to play with Anthony for a little while. She is such a nice kid, and I was asking her why I hadn't seen her lately. She has been working on a blog.

Me: Oh, you have a blog?!
Girl: Well, it's more like facebook. Except I'm not old enough to get on facebook yet, so it's like a facebook for kids. You can type whatever you want in it and then people, like your friends, can see it.
Me: What's it called?
Girl: I think it's called New Text Document.
Me: refrain from laughing out loud

Her parents have really pulled a fast one on her. You want online? Oh how about a new text document. Awesome! So precious!

It's so quiet....where's Anthony?

look what I found! This is his "smile" face. What a goofy grin.



story time


sensory tank

I've been taking Anthony to a weekly story/song/craft class to introduce him to being around larger groups of kids in a more structured setting. He loves the play time each week! Lucas comes to the class with Grandma Lynda. The boys love each other so much - as soon as they spot each other they always go in for the kiss. At some point soon we have to stop that as most cousins don't kiss on the lips when they see each other. But for right now it's pretty adorable.

Bed Time

Snuggling with Aunt Colby before bed after a long day of fall fun.

Pumpkin Patch 2010

picking out pumpkins together

The goat walk. A mean trick to get goats to walk on these planks to get food - but entertaining nonetheless.

Thoroughly enjoying the chocolate milk Grandpa gave the boys. Probably their favorite part of the day!


Pushing Lucas on the toy tractors.

Sliding with Daddy


We picked a beautiful October day to head out to the pumpkin patch with our family. Anthony had a really great time. Did I like the pumpkin patch any more than last year? No. Was I crabby the whole time I was there? Yes. I think that from now on pumpkin patch might be an activity that Anthony does with just his Dad. It's really just a miserable place to go for me, mainly because I can't participate in most of the activities and have to have someone push me around the majority of the time. We'll see how I feel next year....But the farm we went to out in Buckley was great, and there were so many fun activities for the kids. The most unique activity was a huge room filled with dried corn that was about 2 feet deep that the kids could play in.

The Zebra

Anthony is going to be a cowboy for Halloween, so he's been spending a lot of time practicing riding his zebra in preparation for the big day. This has to be one of his favorite toys.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nonna visits

My mom came to visit for the weekend and Anthony had so much fun playing with her. He skypes her every week, and can say Nonna, so he thought it was so cool that she was here in person to see him.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


We think this is what Santa looked like as a child....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great Nana

We visited nana in Centralia last weekend to celebrate her 85th birthday.

Mom, Aunt Hazel (Nana's sister who is 92), Nana, and Steve


Anthony hanging out with the old ladies (just kidding I know you're reading this Nana!)

Playing with his Great Aunt Hazel
High-fiving nana

Boys on the Beach

Big Boy Bed

Good Morning!