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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Years in a Wheelchair

Well the two year anniversary of me being in a wheelchair went by without much notice or emotion really. It crossed my mind in the weeks approaching Anthony's birthday, but because I was so busy with other tasks never really gave it much thought. The day of his birthday I didn't even realize it was the anniversary until almost dinner time.

Really, I'm quite pleased that the date and timeline doesn't bother me. Life continues to go on, and there are more important things than whether or not I'm in a wheelchair. Don't get me wrong, I still more often than I'd like to focus on myself and ignore the pain of others. But in this current state I am completely at peace. I know what God's promises for my life are, and I trust that He will bring those to pass. Until then I will continue to live this blessed life that I have been given. I am so full of joy and so grateful for what I have.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Two Year Pics

At two years old, Anthony weighs 30 lbs (50-75%) and is 33.5" tall (25-50%).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is how I give Anthony haircuts...in front of the laptop watching Mickey, eating a sucker. The blue dye did not stain his face for nearly as long as I expected it to.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

At Age Two

Happy Birthday to our big kid today! The past two years have gone so quickly. We love watching Anthony grow. We love that he isn't afraid of anything. We love that he is so full of energy.

Favorite Snack: Humus and crackers, unless cookies are available, in which case it's always the cookies!

Favorite Activity: Playing outside! Anthony could be pushed on the swing set forever and never get bored.

Favorite Toys: Any sports ball and his screwdrivers

Likes: Animals, anything active, baths, running

Dislikes: Sitting still, haircuts

Anthony calls himself "NeNe" and us Mommy and Daddy

Comfort objects: "beebee" which is the blanket my brother Josh gave him, and his big stuffed bear from Nonna

Anthony loves to be around other kids (as long as a parent is present - still not a big fan of the KidZone at church but he's coming around!)

As of right now he's a pretty picky eater. He's recently started taking a small bite of a strawberry or carrot, but other than that he only likes freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Peanut butter is his favorite, and he'll put it on anything he eats!

He is testing his boundaries all the time, and always trying to be a little more independent.

Anthony counts to 6 but we haven't worked on number or letter recognition yet. He loves when we sing songs to him, and he loves to entertain us with his wild tricks, often clapping for himself.

Happy Birthday Anthony!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


For our own memory, these are a few of the made up words that Anthony uses these days:

momo = water
nano = cracker
zhazhu = screw driver
doe = light
bok bok = chicken
doubay = monkey
beebee = blanket
mine = inside
o'mine = outside

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pushing Boundaries Fundraiser

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to make sure that I share with all of you, and anyone who might be searching for info on Pushing Boundaries, what an amazing organization it is.

I started at Pushing Boundaries about three months after my injury. At the time both Jared and I felt so helpless and hopeless. I was scared to go out in public places, afraid that I would fall out of my wheelchair or do something else completely embarrassing and draw attention to myself. Some days I just wanted to lay in bed all day. Thankfully I had Anthony, which meant that wasn't an option!

Walking into PB for the first time we were so filled with hope. There is life after an injury like this. People are exercising, driving, boating, going on trips, doing all the "normal" things that I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to do again. And it was outside the confines of the physical therapy world, which meant that we were free to try anything. That also meant that it wasn't covered by insurance, and is pretty expensive therapy that people have to pay for out of pocket.

PB got me up standing again, doing cardio, driving, motivated. I felt like I took my life back into my own hands. The year that I spent at PB was time and money well spent. There is nothing I'm scared to do now, nothing I won't try. If I fall out of my wheelchair, I just climb back in. When my wheelchairs rolls away from the car (which happened again last week - you think I'd learn by now, right?) I just ask a stranger for help.

The exercise therapists at PB became my friends and in some ways my counselors. I could talk to my trainer about anything, and that first year when things were so hard, and everything was so new, I had someone to listen to me and give me advice. Someone to bounce ideas off of, someone who I felt truly shared in my pain as I tried and nothing happened, and in my joy as I succeeded.

On Thursday, April 28th, from 12-1, Pushing Boundaries will hold their annual "Success Beyond Paralysis" fund-raising luncheon in Redmond. If you're in the Seattle area and want to go, I'd love to have you join me. Are you interested in touring the facilities? I'll meet you there and show you around, because you've never seen a gym like this one.

If you're out of the area and just want to send checks, that's fine too....;) But more than anything, what PB needs is you to tell people about this great organization. I would have started immediately out of the hospital if I'd known about them then. They work with people who are in wheelchairs, or have traumatic brain injuries, or people who have MS. So spread the word! Let others know that we have a invaluable resource like this right here in our community.

If you are newly injured (or even injure long ago), I highly recommend that you go somewhere like this for rehab. Pushing Boundaries changed the life that I live today. They gave me back my confidence and my freedom, and for that I am ever so grateful.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun at the Zoo

Say "Cheese"

This is how the boys hug - no arms, just heads on shoulders. Usually they end up coming close to falling over because they are leaning on each other with so much weight.