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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hot Mess

These are really cool glasses Jared found when he was moving a shelf in the garage. Lucas was shocked that Steve would put something so weird on his face!

Snack Time with Roma

Anthony giggles hilariously as Roma eats his puffs right out of his fists....she is quickly overcoming her fear of Anthony as she is realizing he'll share his food with her!

1st Birthday Party

We had a Curious George themed party for Anthony. My first time making a theme cake and it turned out quite well. I was pretty pleased with it; obviously it did not come from a bakery, but not too bad! We had such a wonderful time celebrating with our family; Anthony was so blessed with lots of thoughtful gifts. And he loved his cupcake - ate the whole thing!

Sleeping Baby

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jungle Gym Daddy

Makeshift Walker

Quarterly Stats

Anthony went in for his one year check up this week. He weighs in at 23 lbs 13 oz (50-75%), is 28 3/4" long (25%) and his head is now at 48cm in the 50th percentile. Glad to see that the rest of his body is catching up with his huge head!! He is looking healthy, got a few shots, and we go back again in three months.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Electrical Stimulation

Very poor quality video, but still funny....here is Steve using my electrical stimulation unit. I use this for about two hours each day, 30 minutes on four different muscle groups. Which is why my legs are so buff right now! My quads are huge, because this stim is just shocking the heck out of them for 30 minutes a day. As soon as the nerve connection is rebuilt I'll have no problem standing up and walking around because I am certainly not weak!

we love food!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Wow - our little guy is one today! Hard to believe. Jared tried to cheer me up by counting down the years for big milestones - 14 years until he can drive, 17 years until he goes to college - thanks babe.

For his birthday we gave him this little fire car and took him for a ride around the cul de sac, which he loved! The weather is supposed to be nice through the weekend, so we'll be playing outside a lot!


So far we are not a big fan of the sunglasses. Too bad, because it's so sunny out that he is squinting and his eyes are tearing up. But he takes them off every time....


Anthony has had a pretty bad cold all week, so we've been using the nebulizer several times a day....fun! Sometimes he just lounges while it's going (takes about ten minutes) and other times he physically fights to get away, which gives me a pretty good upper body workout.

PB in the news

local Fox news ran a story on PB yesterday....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Early Birthday!

Thank you so much for the thoughtful birthday surprise, Brownings!! Looks like Anthony might enjoy opening presents at his birthday party next week!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The FreeWheel

A couple of the people I train with have the FreeWheel and if I'm not walking soon I'm going to order one. It will allow me to play in the yard with Anthony this summer and actually get back to gardening again as well. Hopefully I'm walking, but if not this is a great invention that will give me a lot more independence and mobility!


Anthony started using his walker yesterday and really likes it! He goes pretty fast and his steering is out of control, but he is having fun!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Anthony had his first appointment with Grandpa Kim today - no cavities! He was most impressed with the TV he got to watch while he was sitting in the exam chair. All in all it was a great experience for him - there were toys to play with, girls in the office to flirt with, and dad & grandpa were both there - what more could he ask for?!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Do yourself a favor

If you haven't seen this Old Spice commercial, watch it. The funniest commercial to come to TV in a long time!!

One Year

Well the last year certainly has gone by quickly. It's hard to believe that Anthony will be one in only a few days (the 19th). That also means I've been in this wheelchair for about a year now. Wow. I've certainly learned a lot about myself and my abilities over the last year.

It's frustrating as the months go on and I see little to no progress. In my mind I'm already walking again; I wish everyone else saw that. It's a good thing that I walk by faith and not by sight, because the sight does not look good right now. What I see is depressing. But I believe God's promise that I will walk again and my health will be completely restored. Until then I hope that I am fulfilling the plan for my life. It's so hard to go back and think about this time last year. There was so much joy and anticipation of Anthony's arrival, and man things sure did not turn out how we were expecting. Talk about worst case scenarios.

I so enjoy this little man of ours, and the past year I've been able to spend more time with him than I had originally planned, which I am very thankful for. Anthony is so much fun, a great kid, and we love him so much. He is a wonderful addition to our lives. And he is almost one. Time really does fly.

Story Time

We love that Anthony is finally paying attention while we are reading to him!

Bath Time

He loves bath time, though you can't really tell by this picture! My shower bench will be out of their since I'll be walking soon, then he'll have more room to splash around!

Beautiful Weekend

The weather was fabulous at the canal this weekend so Anthony got the chance to get outside and play in the grass. We are looking forward to many wonderful summer memories at the canal with this little guy! He wasn't really sure what to think of the grass between his fingers.

Good Morning!

Love the dryer

We are huge fans of the clothes dryer all of a sudden - not sure what the big deal is. All I know is that I have to make sure to clean the lint trap well because I came in the room a couple of weeks ago to a baby with a mouth full of lint. Delicious! And check out all those teeth - Anthony has 8 now, four on top and four on bottom. He is going in for his first appointment with Grandpa Kim this week to get his teeth checked!

Snuggle Time

Any time Anthony sees a blanket laying on the ground he just has to snuggle his face into it. In fact, he'll do it with any cloth that's on the ground, even the dirty towels I dry Roma off with when she comes in the house. Nice.

Thanks Nonna

I love my new bear!

Schmanth Cakes

This is Anthony eating Schmanth Cakes for the first time. Schmanth Cakes are miniature pancakes that are just the right size for Anthony Schmanthony (a nickname we've given him). He loves when his dad makes him a big breakfast on the weekends!