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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lokomat Fun

Figuring out how to get weight down on my legs on the lokomat (weight bearing treadmill) has been an interesting process. When I am put in a weight bearing position and the robot is also trying to move my legs, they get very spastic and usually end up shutting the machine off. The last two sessions have been very productive. I've been able to get a significant amount of weight down, and get good long walks in. It only took me working with three trainers today instead of just one. Today I was walking at 2.1 km/h and it felt like I was running because of the cardio workout I was getting. It's amazing how lazy your body can get after sitting in a chair for a few months. I am excited because I feel like we are finally making some progress on this machine! Unfortunately, the machine rubbed off some skin on my right ankle today, so I won't be going back on the lokomat until that is completely healed. Hopefully I'll be up and at it again next week. Since yesterday I've been having "growing pains," if you will, in my groin/hips area. It's nice to feel things again - I hope this means that my hips will start working again soon. That would be amazing!


bob said...

It would be wonderful.

Keep at it! Your hard work and your faith are working! We're all pulling for you.

e said...

that is great that you're having more sensation!

The Ames Family said...

No, God is amazing, and he is doing amazing work through YOU! Don't you forget it, lady. You are a miracle :)

Colby said...

Growing pains are fantastic! You are doing so great Beka!