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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bisquck Warning

I enjoy cooking, but between a baby and a wheelchair it's a little tricky. So the other day instead of making homemade biscuits for dinner I made biscuits using Bisquick. The theory was that this would save me some time and energy. I will never make that mistake again - I'll just put in the extra effort. They were disgusting. Not that they were gross actually, just that I couldn't even taste them. When I had the biscuit in my mouth there was actually no taste. I was thinking "is there a biscuit in my mouth right now? I put one in there, but I can't taste it so maybe I missed my mouth...." Not what I was hoping for. Hopefully this saves you from making the same mistake. There really is nothing as delicious as a homemade biscuit!

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e said...

You would be horrified to hear that I own a Bisquick cookbook which has recipes that all include Bisquick! Okay, so granted, when I have tried some of the recipes, they were only okay. . . but the mix makes it easy!