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Monday, September 27, 2010


Wow, well I certainly haven't been blogging much lately. With our new busy fall schedule and the fact that Anthony is now to an age where I get almost no free time at all, I haven't been online much lately. In fact, I have even given up facebook - haven't really been on there in over a month. So sad! I love keeping up with everyone that way, but it's just too time consuming and hardly a productive way for me to spend my time. Maybe one day I'll be able to pick it up again....

Wondering about the meds? Well I've experienced zero side effects on the Baclofen which is fantastic. Unfortunately, I'm not really seeing the benefits I'd hoped to. My spasticity is certainly decreased, but not nearly as much as I'd wanted it to. Oh well.

Exercises, you ask? Oh well I haven't been doing those. AH! I really need to do a better job of prioritizing my day. I have been seriously low on energy lately and I know that's due to the fact that I haven't been exercising. I hope to get back to it this week or next.

Haven't taken many pictures lately, I'll try to be better about that so all of you who are far away can see the big guy!

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