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Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Story

I was laughing about this the other day, and realized that in all the craziness around Anthony's birth I never posted this on the blog. Want to make sure we have it for the memories, so I'm posting it now, 18 months later.

Before the epidural, the staff warned Jared that he might feel a little sick while watching. Jared of course, being the tough guy that he is, ignored their advice and decided to watch anyways. As I'm getting the epidural (which I am totally tough through, by the way) I hear Jared go "I think I might pass out" so the nurse makes him sit on the floor, criss-cross style, and brings him apple juice to drink. Hahahaha!

Not quite as tough as he thought.

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Vicki Parramore said...

Funny! My cousin watched his wife get her epidural and he passed out, chipping three teeth and needing two root canals after the fall:) He got taken down the hall to get fluids and such and made it back just as she deliveed their baby. The hospital now has a policy that men don't have to leave the room when the epidural comes, but they do have to sit:)