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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Walking Papers

I recently finished reading The Walking Papers by Francesco Clark, the founder of Clark's Botanicals. It was a great read, as I could relate to everything that Francesco was thinking and feeling, and found myself remembering things like my time in the hospital, first visit home, etc. It's a very interesting book that chronicles Francesco's life since his accident 7 years ago. We have so many similar feelings about life now, and it was nice to feel like I'm not alone in this, and like others with SCI are really thinking exactly the same thing I do. It was also amazing to see that he basically has had the same treatments that I have available to me here, and that what I'm doing is giving me the best chance for recovery. Francesco is up on all of the latest research and studies, and expects that there will be a cure for SCI in about five years. An inspiring book that I'd definitely recommend!

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