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Monday, September 13, 2010

Lake Chelan

Steve and Kendra took us and Josh to Lake Chelan as a belated birthday gift...We did some wine tasting, spent a lot of time at the pool, and had a fun time visiting. And of course Anthony did a lot of napping. We stayed at the Lake House which was a beautiful resort and we'd highly recommend it. They had thought of absolutely everything to make sure our stay was perfect. The pool is heated to 80 all year round, and the deck is also heated, so it makes for a fun winter getaway as well. Thanks for the fun trip! Anthony is completely exhausted today!

Sharing his cracker with Uncle Steve. And yes, he does have a bit of a farmer's tan.

Waiting for his blanket to get out of the dryer
Throwing the dive ring
Snack time
Warming up - his body was so cold, but he just wanted to keep playing
slam dunk!
Anthony finally started liking the pool on this trip. We need to get him into swimming lessons soon!
Peeking at Uncle Josh through the tube
He loved this float!
Tug o' War with a coaster
Waking up Uncle Steve. He's checking out his little friend Cora too. He wanted to be wherever she was - surprise, surprise. He loves other kids.
Getting soaked with Uncle Josh. Josh's face is awesome.
So proud of himself. Do you love his little outfit?!

1 comment:

Colby said...

It looks like you guys had such a good time. I'm so glad! My favorite picture is the third one where Anthony is just sitting there eating his cracker. He looks so cute and so grown up! And the blanket in the dryer picture is priceless!