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Monday, June 14, 2010

the Zoo

We took Anthony to the Woodland Park Zoo this weekend and it was such a blast. The weather was perfect and Anthony really enjoyed himself. It is so great being able to introduce him to all of the fun, amazing things in the world!

Petting a goat. He was pretty excited about the goats when he was petting them through the fence, but not as interested once he was inside with them.

Checking out the hippos.
Playing the bongo drums with the other kids. This was probably his favorite part of the day. He was running around and so interested in what all of the other kids were doing. The kids were his favorite zoo attraction, not as interested in the animals yet.
The end of the day. He can't even sit up straight in his stroller he is so tired. He fell asleep within a few minutes of being in the car. We were there for only about 2.5 hours, which is all the activity this guy can handle without an afternoon nap!

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