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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tonja & Matt's Wedding

The BBH guys - these guys (plus a few not pictured) all lived together throughout college. Jared really has some wonderful friends, and it's nice they've been able to stay in contact with each other.
Jared's lover Joe, Kevin, Jared, and Doug
The rain cleared up and it was a beautiful evening.

This weekend our friends Tonja and Matt got married at the Golden Gardens Bath House in Ballard. The wedding was beautiful, the food was delicious, and we had such a great time seeing our friends from out of town. Jon and Tina to let us stay the night at their place. All the BBH got together for breakfast the next morning, and Tina made these cinnamon rolls (recipe from Macrina )that were just to die for. Grandpa and Grandma watched Anthony for us so we had a night with no baby - that doesn't happen very often!

And we are so blessed - we came home on Sunday to a napping baby boy, and Kim & Lynda had weeded and pruned the entire front yard for us - which is quite the feat given the amount of landscaping in our front yard. Thank you is all I can say - what a fabulous surprise!!! We are SO grateful!


e said...

"jared's lover". . .lol

Anardi Family said...

What a great photo of you and jared!weddings are so much fun. I am glad you got a chance to get out and have a little fun. I am sure it was way over due.