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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our 2.5 year old Boy

As I work on my 2010 photobook (I know, so behind!) I've been thankful that I wrote things down, because a year later there is so much I don't remember.  I haven't done much writing this year but hope to get back to that in the near future....

Two and half has been my favorite age so far.  Anthony is old enough to start understanding more and he listens so well for his age.  He still wants to be just like his dad and will copy everything Jared does.  He wants to be a big helper and tries so hard to be independent with everything he does. When we go out together, whether it's play dates or errands or church, he is very obedient and easy to manage.  I love being able to spend so much time with him - he is mom's little buddy, and gets a little nervous when I'm not around.

Anthony's personality is fun.  He loves to be the center of attention and in a room full of people you'll usually find him showing off and entertaining.  He is a happy kid, but also very stubborn (just like Dad!).  We are still learning how to best interact with him to allow him to develop into the person he is supposed to be.  He is loud most of the time - whether playing or talking.  If it's quiet in the house I get nervous, usually for good reason.

At 33 months he is athletic and coordinated.  He runs everywhere and rarely slows down to relax.  He climbs, jumps, and isn't afraid to try things he hasn't done before.  His first soccer class was a success and we are looking forward to many more sporting events in the future.  We received several comments from strangers (so totally unbiased, not like us!) about his athleticism at soccer, so we think we've got a superstar on our hands.

His eating habits leave something to be desired.  Dinner veggies are a struggle every night.  He loves all things dairy and sweet.  He loves to sing songs and to be tickled.  He loves hot wheels and blocks and jumping. 

Anthony has just entered a whining stage which I'm hoping passes quickly.  He is so excited about all things Christmas this year and we are looking forward to this season with him. For the most part he is potty trained - a few accidents every now and then, and he still wears a diaper at night.  The potty training process was pretty easy as he took to the candy bribes well. 

I've tried working with Anthony on his letters but he just really isn't interested at this point.  He knows his ABCs (the song, not by sight) and can count to twenty.  He just recently started sitting still for a nightly story, and that's the most he sits still all day.  He knows most of his shapes and colors.

He is very independent and has an opinion on everything.  Communicating with him is fun because he understands everything we say and can answer back in complete sentences.  His vocabulary is excellent at this age, and his Sunday School teachers often comment on how articulate he is. What this really means is he talks non-stop all day long. It is never quiet in this house! He is very polite, and says please, thank you, and excuse me without being prompted.

Anthony talks daily about "little sister" and loves babies.  We can't wait to see him as a big brother because we just know he'll be great.

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bob said...

I well remember the dinner vegetable problems...

I addressed them like this:
One nite when I was making dinner, I got some frozen peas out and left them, loose, near the edge of the counter. Small hands snuck up and snagged them, a few at a time. By the time dinner was ready, they were gone...

And I *do* know what it means when things are "too quiet"...