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Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Magical!

The three of us went to dinner and to Snowflake Lane and had such a wonderful time; definitely a tradition we will enjoy for many years! We don't take Anthony out to dinner with us too often, but that might change as he was so well behaved and tried a little of everything we offered him before eating his whole plate of honey chicken.

Me with two very handsome guys!
Anthony was so excited to see the snowman. When I asked if he wanted to touch him, his eyes lit up and he ran after the snowman! We've been watching Frosty a lot, and he has the hallmark dancing frosty along with several other stuffed snowmen, so I guess it's his favorite Christmas character.
He really liked the characters that walk around and wanted to touch all of them. We had to stop him at one point as he was just about to grab the fairy princess from behind....a little too much touching perhaps. He wasn't too impressed with the fake snow that was falling; he was definitely more interested in the drummers and the show.

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The Ames Family said...

A piece of advice from my parents: If you don't take them out when they're little they won't know how to behave when they're bigger. I've seen this over and over. Take him with you every so often so he gets used to it! Just my two cents :) And adorable pictures!! I've never heard of that place.