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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

picking out pumpkins together

The goat walk. A mean trick to get goats to walk on these planks to get food - but entertaining nonetheless.

Thoroughly enjoying the chocolate milk Grandpa gave the boys. Probably their favorite part of the day!


Pushing Lucas on the toy tractors.

Sliding with Daddy


We picked a beautiful October day to head out to the pumpkin patch with our family. Anthony had a really great time. Did I like the pumpkin patch any more than last year? No. Was I crabby the whole time I was there? Yes. I think that from now on pumpkin patch might be an activity that Anthony does with just his Dad. It's really just a miserable place to go for me, mainly because I can't participate in most of the activities and have to have someone push me around the majority of the time. We'll see how I feel next year....But the farm we went to out in Buckley was great, and there were so many fun activities for the kids. The most unique activity was a huge room filled with dried corn that was about 2 feet deep that the kids could play in.

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Jody said...

You continue to inspire all of us- doing everything you have done in years past. You need to go next year because we will have our 3 kids there! YEAH- They love there Aunt Beka