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Thursday, October 21, 2010


My sweet little 8 year old neighbor girl came over yesterday to play with Anthony for a little while. She is such a nice kid, and I was asking her why I hadn't seen her lately. She has been working on a blog.

Me: Oh, you have a blog?!
Girl: Well, it's more like facebook. Except I'm not old enough to get on facebook yet, so it's like a facebook for kids. You can type whatever you want in it and then people, like your friends, can see it.
Me: What's it called?
Girl: I think it's called New Text Document.
Me: refrain from laughing out loud

Her parents have really pulled a fast one on her. You want online? Oh how about a new text document. Awesome! So precious!


atlee355 said...

Hilarious- To bad Kaitlyn already knows how to get on line and go to word and open a text document. It is my own fault for exposing her at age 6.

Colby said...

That is hilarious! Kids have no idea.

Lisa said...

I am just catching up on Anardi "happenings" and I had to lol at this. Hannah is a kick...I didn't intentionally fool her, but ya know if it ain't broke... :D