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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seattle Children's Museum

We took Anthony to the Seattle Children's Museum this week. It was pretty fun, but not nearly as cool as the one in Bellevue. And it's also pretty inaccessible, which I was really surprised by. In fact, the whole Seattle Center area is really a pain to get around. All the walkways are sloped to one side or the other which makes it incredibly hard for me to get any momentum going. The building is old, and like typical older buildings wasn't built to be wheelchair accessible, so the ramp getting in and out of the building was pretty steep. Glad Jared was with me to push me around! A lot of the interior exhibits also had very, very steep ramps. I don't think I would have been able to make it up them without someone pushing me. Quite surprised by this as I assumed the Seattle Center would be one of the easier places for me to get around....

After the museum I had this great idea to take Anthony over to play in the fountain...what was I thinking? We got him all sunscreened up and got over there only to realize that the fountain is pretty intense! I think he'd have to be around 10 before he could go play in that fountain! The water goes along with the music, and it shoots out strong streams of water. If you were a kid (not a toddler) it would really be a blast.

the ride home

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