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Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Wow - our little guy is one today! Hard to believe. Jared tried to cheer me up by counting down the years for big milestones - 14 years until he can drive, 17 years until he goes to college - thanks babe.

For his birthday we gave him this little fire car and took him for a ride around the cul de sac, which he loved! The weather is supposed to be nice through the weekend, so we'll be playing outside a lot!


npennock said...

A year already? Wow how the time flies, he looks like hes doing great. Jared better watch out Anthony looks like hes ready to training for Auburns strongest man by bench pressing his new car toy.

e said...

nice ride, anthony! he does look like he's enjoying himself.

The Ames Family said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Anthony!! You are an AWESOME little man!

Colby said...

Look at him taking control of the wheel. Adorable!