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Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's always something...

To add to my misery last week, I spilled an entire bottle of amoxicillin all over Anthony's crib, my wheelchair, and of course the carpet. We now have a lovely pink stain the size of a fist on the carpet, along with splatter marks all over. I was furious at the time, but now see the hilarity in the situation. I guess we can now add replace carpet to the list of things that will need to be done when I'm out of the wheelchair. New carpet will go nicely with my new kitchen cabinets.

Then today I spilled an entire container of soup (the soup my husband worked so hard to make me) as I was trying to get something out of the fridge. Thank God Colby was here to help clean it up or I might have cried for a very long time. Dropping/spilling items is probably the thing I dislike the most right now!

Also, props go out to Mike who has now emptied the diaper champ for me twice. That is a horrible, nasty job - thanks Mike!

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e said...

that is frustrating. and then you had to get more amoxicillin too unless they gave you more than you needed. start thinking about carpet colors!