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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bye Dad!

Jared left for Chicago today and he'll be there for the next two weeks. He had to go for work - great opportunity for his career, too bad it has to be this time of year! It's the longest we've ever been apart, and of course the longest he'll go without seeing Anthony. We'll be skyping but who knows if Anthony will understand that it's his dad on the computer. The past couple of weeks we've tried to do as much Christmas stuff as we could ahead of time, and we'll finish up when he gets back the weekend before Christmas. Anthony and I are really going to miss him - should be an interesting couple of weeks for A and I! I know that several of my friends have husbands who travel for work all the time, and I count myself blessed that he doesn't have to do this very often. You should have seen us saying goodbye this morning - it was like we wouldn't see each other for a year or something. Over the past several months we have really gotten quite co-dependant on each other (in a good way - if there is such a thing?!). He is like my security blanket since the injury; I feel safe just knowing he is home. It won't be the same without him!

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e said...

that is a bummer that he needs to travel right before the holidays.