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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Time for Personal Reflection

It has been interesting for me to read posts from around a year ago and realize that I've really seen a tremendous amount of personal growth in the last year. So cliche, I know, but true. I feel like my attitude and my outlook on life have improved.

It's amazing what a life changing injury will do for you. I no longer worry about anything and I rarely if ever get stressed out. There is nothing that scares me. Life is so precious, and I'm so grateful to be here to experience it all. I feel like I'm living so carefree now - just enjoying what I have, and so thankful for it all. It might not make sense to most, but if I had to pick the period in my life where I was the happiest, I'd choose this time right now. I am happier and more full of joy than I've ever been and feel so satisfied with life.

While I remained positive through the early stages of my injury, I certainly had times where I would be completely frustrated and angry. But I no longer have those feelings. It has become so easy to control my thoughts which I believe influence everything else in your life. My mind is now 100% focused on the good in my life, the blessings, the happiness, the people. Of course I'll have a negative thought try to enter every once in awhile, but I push it aside and don't waste any time thinking about what could be if I were walking.

The joy of the Lord has certainly become my strength and I know that this situation would be so much harder without my faith and trust in God. But it's really amazing to me just how easy my life is, how easy it is to find happiness and peace in the midst of the storm, to enjoy the journey and not be anxious to arrive at the destination. I am not waiting to be happy when such and such happens -I've learned to be happy in the moment and not worry about the future. There is an overwhelming sense of peace on my life and my hope is that all of you can feel that same peace and joy in your lives.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful you are! Thank you for sharing.....

e said...

Beka, thanks for sharing. I am glad that you have found peace and are happy. I cannot imagine living your life. You have a wonderful outlook that we all should try to have.