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Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's a girl!

I am 22 weeks pregnant now and we found out that we are having a girl!  We are really excited and wonder how different a girl will be from the wild boy that we have.  I have suggested over a hundred names and Jared has said no to each one.  Not sure if we are ever going to agree on a name....good thing we have a few weeks left.  I seem to have a lot more energy these days and am definitely nesting like crazy.  We have a lot of re-decorating and re-organizing projects going on in the house right now.  I need to post a good pic of my belly but it's hard to get a decent profile shot in the wheelchair.  Jared weighed me this week (just imagine him holding me on our at home scale and also trying to read the number - it was quite comical and he is quite strong!) and I'm not even up to my pre-pregnancy weight with Anthony.  Super happy about that as I certainly had some pounds to lose! ha!  Let's hope the rest of the pregnancy continues to be uneventful and goes quickly. 

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Anonymous said...

That's so exciting! Jared will make an excellnt over protective father of a teenage daughter. Maybe unamed girl anardi can date one of the pennock boys? I can see Jared's blood boiling now.