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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th of July

 Fell asleep on the boat

 Out for a ride in the little boat

 Dinner for Two

 The new soft serve machine that grandma bought was a hit - that's an entire ice cream come in A's mouth.

 The pop-its were a huge hit


The boys could care less about sparklers, which left Mike and Jared to finish off an entire pack.

Do not get me started on this hat of J's.  I hate it and am on a mission to replace it, however, he insists that it can't be just a ballcap.  If I have my way, this hat will not make it through the summer without "falling" in the bonfire.


bob said...

Whoa! Hating a man's hat! Now that is serious.

The Ames Family said...

You mean you DON'T stick the entire ice cream cone in your mouth?? Huh....

Colby said...

I forgot about the picture of Jared and Mike embracing each other and embracing sparklers. Haha!