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Friday, June 10, 2011

Virginia Beach

 Virginia Beach was beautiful and we had a wonderful time relaxing for a few days.  Anthony called the ocean the "Big Momo" (momo is his word for water).

At the aquarium, where I'm obviously very excited about something...
 Ryan, Jody and the kids came and spent a day with us while we were at the beach.  While they were in town we were able to experience the "severe thunderstorms" that Virginia has - wow!  For a couple of minutes we thought it was a tornado, the winds and rain were just crazy.  Thankfully we had just entered a restaurant for dinner and weren't stuck outside!
I went in the swimming pool for the first time since being paralyzed, and it was pretty cool to be back in the water again.  I really enjoyed it and might have to get in more often.

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