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Saturday, March 19, 2011

At Age Two

Happy Birthday to our big kid today! The past two years have gone so quickly. We love watching Anthony grow. We love that he isn't afraid of anything. We love that he is so full of energy.

Favorite Snack: Humus and crackers, unless cookies are available, in which case it's always the cookies!

Favorite Activity: Playing outside! Anthony could be pushed on the swing set forever and never get bored.

Favorite Toys: Any sports ball and his screwdrivers

Likes: Animals, anything active, baths, running

Dislikes: Sitting still, haircuts

Anthony calls himself "NeNe" and us Mommy and Daddy

Comfort objects: "beebee" which is the blanket my brother Josh gave him, and his big stuffed bear from Nonna

Anthony loves to be around other kids (as long as a parent is present - still not a big fan of the KidZone at church but he's coming around!)

As of right now he's a pretty picky eater. He's recently started taking a small bite of a strawberry or carrot, but other than that he only likes freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Peanut butter is his favorite, and he'll put it on anything he eats!

He is testing his boundaries all the time, and always trying to be a little more independent.

Anthony counts to 6 but we haven't worked on number or letter recognition yet. He loves when we sing songs to him, and he loves to entertain us with his wild tricks, often clapping for himself.

Happy Birthday Anthony!!


e said...

happy birthday anthony!

Anardi Family said...

He is growing up so fast. I am very sad that we have missed the first two years of his little life. I am thankful we will be around for the next (many years)...

The Ames Family said...

He is such an amazing, loving, sweet little man :) He is very blessed...and so are his parents.