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Thursday, July 1, 2010


I had my yearly appointment with Dr. Balousek, my neurosurgeon, yesterday. Last time he saw me was June 2009, and I hadn't regained any sort of sensation or function at that point. He was quite interested in the function and sensation I have received so far. He is a little more optimistic than my rehab doctors and mentioned that people can see function for 24 months plus after injury. That was certainly nice to hear.

I am now on an every two year MRI schedule, likely for the rest of my life. He wants to make sure that the tumor isn't growing back. We discussed doing an MRI this year to see what the spinal cord looks like, but it would really only be for our curiosity and not have any real benefit, so I'm not going to do one this year. With my high spasticity an MRI takes quite some time (around two hours) and I'd rather not subject myself to that if I don't have to.

We also discussed meds for spasticity (it's really starting to get to me) and I'm going to talk with my rehab doc about that more in a few weeks. There are so many pros/cons to consider and I really don't know what the right answer is.


The Ames Family said...

Glad your check up went well! Nice to hear some POSITIVE news for a change, I'm sure!! We will pray that God gives you wisdom in your decision about meds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beka, Just checkin to see how you are doing! I am sure those doctor visits can be disappointing, but still confident that God can heal you! It was fun looking at the recent pics of your mom and Josh - they both look great. Whats mom up to these days? That baby is sure darling! That is such a cute age too! Our website is up, you will have to check it out sometime. Things are going great and we are enjoying the ride! TheWellatCL.com Anyway, bless you my dear. Will continue praying for a complete healing! Love, Pamela

Anardi Family said...

Keep up the hard work it is paying off! After all I don't think there has ever been a situation like yours- It takes months just for your body to heal from having a baby- GIVE yourself time!